I try and always remember that I’m not someone who has experienced addiction firsthand, I’ve never had to struggle with drug and alcohol use. Instead, I’ve had to watch my dad and brother go through it. This means that no matter how hard I try to understand the harsh reality of staying sober, I’ll never truly get it the way others can.

This means I always try to be super open to learning and asking others about their experiences. So I’m always asking patients about how they maintain their sobriety and the best tips and tricks they have.

As it turns out, some of the secrets to a sober lifestyle are not so secret, and I received quite a few common answers over the years. Being drug free is not as overcomplicated as you might think.

Again, I’m not fully an expert here, and I would never try to speak for someone else. So take this with a grain of salt and know that if you don’t agree with it that is totally okay. Everyone’s experiences are different and affect their mental health differently.

So here are a few lessons that people have learned over the years of their sobriety, and knowing these things helps them remember who they truly are.

You’re Sober, Not Boring

Not wanting to partake in drugs and alcohol when offered can lead others to accuse you of being boring. That’s just not the case, and you shouldn’t let it affect you too much. In fact, the real boring people are those who do not know how to have fun unless they are intoxicated.

You should be proud of your achievements and not be around those who try to guilt or shame you into drinking or using. You have the rare ability to have fun and wake up the next morning remembering everything and without a hangover. This is good to remember to help with your spirituality and health.

Personal Growth Is Required And Can Be Painful

Yes, you read that right, pain is gain sometimes. As kids, we all want to be liked, and that easily follows into adulthood. That’s how many people end up drinking or using when they otherwise would not have.

Personal growth is important to help you move forward in your life. You can’t keep doing things just because you want someone’s approval, you need to do it for yourself. It can hurt to give up people who don’t agree with the new you, but it’s worth it in the end. Daily recovery readings can also be helpful, so be sure to check up on how you are doing when it comes to growing personally and make sure you stay on track.

Move Your Body

Believe it or not, exercise is great for both mental clarity and physical health. This is a great way to fill your time and an excellent way to make you excited to stay sober. If you’re always hungover or coming down from a high, then you won’t have the energy or motivation to exercise which isn’t healthy.


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