If you have ever been injured or undergone a major operation, you may have been prescribed pain medication to help with recovery. A common drug the is prescribed for dealing with such recovery is Vicodin.


Vicodin is an opioid that is extremely useful in treating pain. It also can be quite addictive, especially do to the euphoric feeling it can cause its users to undergo.

Vicodin addiction is no joke. Routine ingestion of Vicodin causes an increase in tolerance levels. This means that you will have to take an increased amount of the drug to feel the effects.

Taking larger amounts of Vicodin than prescribed is extremely dangerous because the drug causes your respiratory system to slow down. Most overdoses are actually caused when the drug shuts down your respiratory system completely.

Mixing with Alcohol

The increased tolerance that abusers develop causes some to try to mix the drug with less expensive and easier to access substances like alcohol. Taking Vicodin with alcohol is extremely dangerous. The combination of alcohol and Vicodin greatly increases your chance of an overdose.

Alcohol is a depressant, which means that it slows down brain activity. Like Vicodin, alcohol also slows down the function of your respiratory system. This means that combining these substances has twice the detrimental effect on your respiratory system.

Vicodin is one of the more common drugs for addiction because it is often prescribed by a doctor and then abused. Since it is so prevalent via prescription, it has made its way to the street fairly easily.

People who no longer need to take their prescriptions will often either forget about the drug or discard it. This makes it accessible to those that would either abuse or sell the drug. Sometimes the person who initially received the drug will even sell it themselves.

Alcohol, of course, is a legal substance. It is sold in your local market to anyone who is of age.


Because both of these substances are so widely available, the danger of people combining the two is very real. This has led to a lot of accidental hospitalizations and deaths.

Combining two substances that you can overdose on and die is never a good decision. Even if you are abusing a drug or taking it outside of a doctor’s care, it is important to consider the potential harm that you are causing your body.

Both of these substances have legitimate uses, which also contributes to their availability. Vicodin, when used properly, is an effective way to manage pain. Alcohol has many legitimate uses, as well.

Alcohol can be used to sterilize items in several fields, from medicine to kitchen, to even household hand sanitizer. It is also used in the preparation of foods and fuel for vehicles.

Both of these drugs are very useful in several areas of society. It is unfortunate that this makes them prevalent enough for those that would abuse them together to gain access. 

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