My name is Conner, and I work as a volunteer at the “Child Wise” – Addiction Recovery Center. Looking at me you would probably not assume I spend my weekdays volunteering at a place where people are sent to kick their drug and or drinking habit. However, if you knew me personally—or knew my family—you probably guessed I would have ended up on one side of addiction—or the other.

Luckily, I had my dad and my older brother as good examples for choosing sobriety over drinking and drugs. Unfortunately, by that I mean, my dad and my older brother are addicts who have been battling addiction for as long as I can remember. I can not count the number of times my mother has fallen to pieces after getting a phone call informing her that my brother had either over-dosed on heroin or that my father has been picked up again for drinking and driving. Needless to say, either the addiction gene skipped over my conception, or better yet, growing up with two severe addicts was enough to scare me clean.

Doing what I can to not end up like my father and older brother is not the only reason I ended up at “Child Wise” I am also an aspiring addiction therapist and volunteering at a center is a prerequisite. My duties here consist of cleaning the patients’ rooms, checking for contraband and helping to plan daytime activities for the patients.

For almost half a year of working in the center, I saw many addicted to different drugs. Some of them caused great pity and some respect. I got great experience and pieces of knowledge, and I decided to share it with other people. Addiction is much more severe and dangerous than you may think. I hope my blog will help you, reader, to save your life or life of your loved ones.